Editor instructions

Select a product

First thing to do is to select the type of garment to work on. To do this, click on the appropriate box “Choose the product”

Add text

Once you have chosen the product (as an example we use a classic T-shirt), we can add some text on it, to do so, click on the “Add Text” box, we can also choose which side to modify the product, in this case we use the “Front “, to change sides press on one of the boxes under the product preview.

Edit Text

You can change the text to your liking, there are several options available, the most important are listed below.

The colors of the selections in the image correspond to the following options:

    • TEXT

In this box you can write your own text

    • FONT

In this menu we can select the font we want

    • SIZE

This box allows us to change the size of the text to our liking

    • COLOR

In this menu we can select the color we prefer

    • DRAG

By clicking and holding this button we can move our text wherever we want

    • CLOSE

By clicking the “X” the current window will close itself.

Add Clipart

We can also add Cliparts, Icons or Shapes to our product by checking the appropriate box

At this point we choose the type of Clipart we want and select the available Clipart that we prefer. As with the Texts, it is possible to edit the Clipart to our liking. To close the Clipart window, click the “X” in the window’s upper right corner

Add Images

This tool allows us to add images from our device to our product, WARNING, the only accepted formats are: PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, PDF, AI.

WARNING, Always remember tick the box for the Copyright terms, otherwise no image can be uploaded to the product

Edit images

Once we have selected the image we want to upload to our product, we can proceed to edit it, as with the Clipart, we can edit and move our image to our liking, in this example we use an image of sunflowers.

We also remind you that it is possible to load more than one image on the product always following the same procedure.

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